You have taken the first step in making your World of Warcraft experience more deeply fulfilling!

Guild membership introduces you to other people that share your interests and gives you a vastly deeper understanding of the Warcraft world and how to interact with it! Members of this guild are part of one of the largest guilds on the Stormrage server, founded by one of its current officers, Alankazam!

Please read through the forum posts and enjoy your membership! You are now part of one of the largest families on the server, and we will do our best to provide you with the very best gaming experience you have ever had! Honor, Strength, Victory!

Guild General Ziramoth

Guild Rules!

We have guild rules designed to enable everyone to enjoy their play time. From the elite level 70's to the new level 1's. Our guild wants everyone to have a great time without having to deal with headaches! To view our rules look on our forum in the Rules & Regulations section.

  Want To Join Us?

If you are interested in joining us, then click on the Application link. It will take you to the New Member Application. Then simply answer the questions and press submit at the bottom. A guild Officer will then contact you in game.




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